This question was answered on Tue 02, Mar 2010 05:35am by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal

Cough with Wheezing and Crackling Sound

Asked by flutterby595 (Female; 42; UNITED STATES; Gerd, allergic asthma, history of bronchitis; Relevant drugs:prilosec ) on Sun 28, Feb 2010 10:28pm

I have had chest congestion for 6 days and sinus congestion for about 3 days. Last night I started wheezing when I laid down. Tonight the wheezing is constant when I'm laying along with a crackling noise. I have just started to cough up a brownish colored mucus, have chest pain constantly that worsens upon taking deep breaths or coughing. I have had a loss of appetite, feel extremely worn down, shortness of breath but no fever. I do not have health insurance. Should I be concerned or will the symptoms clear up on their own. I have tried several OTC cough medicines, the latest being mucinex dm, which seems to have helped loosen up the cough.

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Answer by Dr.Bhumika Aggarwal  on Tue 02, Mar 2010 05:35am:

Hi, The symptoms you have could be due to bronchitis and will take some time to go away. For your symptoms - try some warm saline gargles , steam inhalation. Drink plenty of water, preferably luke warm and plenty of fluids like soups etc. Eating light meals would help. He could chew on some lozenges and try some deep breathing exercises. Avoid spicy processed foods, fumes. Do not smoke. Sleep with your head end elevated. If your symptoms persist - You would need a chest xray, and antibiotic medications if required. Regards.

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Comment by Holden on Sat 22, Jan 2011 04:05am:
Hi, I have been wheezing slightly now in my throat for about three months. Worse at night when lying down and my nose seems to be making strange sounds which wake me up and mainly during the day I am having attacks of coughing similar to when I have been in a dusty atmosphere where the urge to cough is severe. I constantly carry cold water with me and cough toffees to relieve these symptoms. I don't have any breathing problems and otherwise feel quite well. My doctor has treated me with antibiotics for possible sinusitis and given me anti histamines but these symptoms still persist

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