This question was answered on Fri 18, Sep 2009 02:21pm by Dr Veena, MD

Can anything cause a false positive for Cocaine?

Asked by synanch (Female; 35; Very Healthy; Relevant drugs:Hydroxycut Advanced, Tren-250, motrin, Amoxicillian, Cephalexin, sudafedrine ) on Tue 15, Sep 2009 08:55am

Can anything cause a false positive for Cocaine?

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Answer by Dr Veena, MD  on Fri 18, Sep 2009 02:21pm:

Hi, Yes, certain antibiotics like ampicillin, amoxicillin and certain medical conditions like liver failure, kidney failure , diabetes etc can cause false positive tests for cocaine. Hope this helps. Best.
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Comment by Frank on Tue 11, May 2010 06:17am:
If i dont take drugs, and did a hair drug test and they found cocaine in my system a small amount, How could that be possible. Could it have anything to do with a back opperation i had and the med's that gave me??

Comment by Steven Cook on Mon 28, Feb 2011 04:10pm:
Can Oxicodone cause a false positive on a drug test for cocane ?

Comment by on Wed 06, Apr 2011 09:35pm:
Drugs like amoxicillin can cause false positive tests for cocaine.

Comment by tesh on Thu 12, May 2011 10:09pm:
i failed for cocaine from what i believe to be sexual intercourse or kissing, i had not used drugs in overf 7 months. they tried to tell me this isnt possible but there is no other explanation. the only medications i am on is trazadone and zoloft, besides that i take oxyElite Pro for weight loss. Is my theory correct or could my medications somehow cause the false positive urine?

Comment by Christie on Thu 18, Aug 2011 05:50am:
I have heard that OxyElite pro can cause a false positive for amphetamines

Comment by Mason on Mon 30, Apr 2012 10:17am:
Yes, OxyElite Pro will yield a false positive on urine test for amphetamines. I just took a test 2 hours ago and they came back that I was on amphetamines. I got scared. Luckily, I had the bottle in my truck to show them what I had been taking. Once they read the label everything was okay. First thing i did afterward was google the situation and now I'm letting everyone know. Hope this helps. :)

Comment by Adam on Sat 17, Aug 2013 01:28pm:
I have not done cocaine in 8 years showed positive for it in probation UA I had kidney- urinary infection as well was taking amoxicillin can this be reason for positive for cocaine. Please help me my liberty is at stake

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