This question was answered on Fri 18, Sep 2009 02:21pm by Dr Veena, MD

Can anything cause a false positive for Cocaine?

Asked by synanch (Female; 35; Very Healthy; Relevant drugs:Hydroxycut Advanced, Tren-250, motrin, Amoxicillian, Cephalexin, sudafedrine ) on Tue 15, Sep 2009 08:55am

Can anything cause a false positive for Cocaine?

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Answer by Dr Veena, MD  on Fri 18, Sep 2009 02:21pm:

Hi, Yes, certain antibiotics like ampicillin, amoxicillin and certain medical conditions like liver failure, kidney failure , diabetes etc can cause false positive tests for cocaine. Hope this helps. Best.
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Comment by Frank on Tue 11, May 2010 06:17am:
If i dont take drugs, and did a hair drug test and they found cocaine in my system a small amount, How could that be possible. Could it have anything to do with a back opperation i had and the med's that gave me??

Comment by Steven Cook on Mon 28, Feb 2011 04:10pm:
Can Oxicodone cause a false positive on a drug test for cocane ?

Comment by on Wed 06, Apr 2011 09:35pm:
Drugs like amoxicillin can cause false positive tests for cocaine.

Comment by tesh on Thu 12, May 2011 10:09pm:
i failed for cocaine from what i believe to be sexual intercourse or kissing, i had not used drugs in overf 7 months. they tried to tell me this isnt possible but there is no other explanation. the only medications i am on is trazadone and zoloft, besides that i take oxyElite Pro for weight loss. Is my theory correct or could my medications somehow cause the false positive urine?

Comment by Christie on Thu 18, Aug 2011 05:50am:
I have heard that OxyElite pro can cause a false positive for amphetamines

Comment by Mason on Mon 30, Apr 2012 10:17am:
Yes, OxyElite Pro will yield a false positive on urine test for amphetamines. I just took a test 2 hours ago and they came back that I was on amphetamines. I got scared. Luckily, I had the bottle in my truck to show them what I had been taking. Once they read the label everything was okay. First thing i did afterward was google the situation and now I'm letting everyone know. Hope this helps. :)

Comment by Adam on Sat 17, Aug 2013 01:28pm:
I have not done cocaine in 8 years showed positive for it in probation UA I had kidney- urinary infection as well was taking amoxicillin can this be reason for positive for cocaine. Please help me my liberty is at stake

Comment by carol jacques on Wed 27, Aug 2014 08:21am:
what antibiotics other than amoxillan can cause a false postiive cocaine

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