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Asked by Unregistered (Female; 53; USA; I have dibetis, fibromalgis, blood pressure, tyroid, manic depression; Relevant drugs:glusofauge for diebetis ) on Sat 16, Aug 2008 05:52pm

I have noticed over the past 2 years having problems with my stomach.. times i can only eat small meals, times i can eat something and i fell like i have eaten 4 course meal.. ive noticed over the past month,that its getting worse..i look like im 8 months preg.. my stomach is real huge and it want go down..having cramping pain type ( left side) where my colon area is.. or liver not for sure.. im getting nausua at times I fell like im so full but not have eaten anything.. i have to wait tell the unconfortable stomach goes down to eat, i get nausua and fell like my stomach gets hard at the top where my chest is, hard to breath.. what is my problem brenda

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Answer by Dr Paul S, MD  on Sat 16, Aug 2008 07:17pm:

Hi, with what you have described, I believe it's high time you have yourself evaluated by a specialist, a gastroenterologist. Just to give you some ideas, this progressive enlargement of your abdominal area can mean several things. One is that you may have some form of bowel obstruction causing your intestines to become dilated. Another possibility is that there can be excess fluid inside your abdomen called 'ascites' as what we would see in patients with liver problems. This enlargement of the abdomen can also be due to enlarged organs such as the spleen or liver. I suggest you have yourself seen by a specialist. Imaging studies in the form of ultrasound or ct scan of the abdomen may be warranted. Regards.
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Comment by Mary Anne on Fri 10, Sep 2010 02:49pm:
This sounds exactly like my symptoms. I have had 3 ultra sounds,an upper and lower GI and I still don't have the answer. I have another appointment with my Doc. 9.22.2010

Comment by Alenka on Thu 21, Oct 2010 06:22pm:
Hi, I have a 36 year old brother that i am very concerned about. The last year he went for blood work and has been told his liver is not good. My brother likes to drink occasionally mainly whisky. He is not taking no medication as of right know. Lately I've noticed that he is constantly rubbing his left side and i asked whats happening, and he just says it hurts, know hes complaining the right side hurts. I've asked him to go see a doctor but always refuses. I think he's just scared! I'm very frusterated and worried about my brother. I just don't know whats happening to him and if theres something i can do or suggest. Thank you

Comment by on Thu 24, Mar 2011 02:56am:
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