This question was answered on Thu 01, May 2008 07:54pm by Dr Paul S, MD

Breast concern - burning sensation in my breast behind the nipple

Asked by Unregistered on Thu 01, May 2008 12:56pm

All morning, I have been experiencing a burning/stinging sensation in my breast in the area behind the nipple. What could be the cause?

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Answer by Dr Paul S, MD  on Thu 01, May 2008 07:54pm:

Good day. Breast pain and that feeling of burning usually coincides with the rise and fall of a woman's hormones during the menstrual cycle. This type of breast pain called "cyclic" breast pain usually peaks right before menses and then disappears as you menstruate. Younger women (or those less than 40 years old) usually experience this kind of breast pain. Some breast pains occur in a non-cyclic fashion (not related to the rise and fall of the female hormones) and these can be due to an underlying breast disease most commonly fibrocystic disease or fibroadenoma. This would usually present with a concomitant breast lump or nodule. I suggest you show this to your doctor so that proper evaluation can be done. Regular breast examinations by your doctor also helps in detecting unusual breast conditions that may explain the pain. Regards.
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Comment by on Sun 27, Feb 2011 04:41am:
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Comment by on Fri 22, Apr 2011 08:45pm:
Burning pain in nipples when showering can be due to dermatitis skin, eczema, nerve irritation or nipple dermatitis. Consult a doctor and get it examined. In the meantime wear cotton clothes.

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