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Breast cancer - Puckering and dimpling of skin on both breasts

Asked by Unregistered on Sun 02, Mar 2008 04:54pm

What is meant by 'puckering and/or dimpling' of the skin? I have just done a breast self-exam and when I sit down, put my arms above my head and stretch my arms upward plus when I lean forward, I've noticed what I believe to be puckering and dimpling of my skin on both breasts stretching from just above the nipple to right at the top of the breast tissue. This is much more noticeable on my left breast. But it is more noticeable on my right breast when I do the same thing standing up. I've had this for nearly four years since I first started breastfeeding my eldest son, and I have been breastfeeding for a total of almost 12 months since my second son was born. This puckering and dimpling looks like scarring and also looks like loose skin being pulled upwards. In fact it's even more noticeable when I physically pull the skin upward and it's during that time when the skin wrinkles like an elderly person's skin. Is this caused by just sagging of my breast tissue and skin either due to my age (I'll be 30 in September), the breast skin being stretched due to swelling of both breasts caused by the filling of breast milk, because I've gained and lost a few pounds in weight, or is it something more sinister like breast cancer. Now, although I haven't found any unusual breast lumps, I'm worried sick because I only recently read that puckering and dimpling of the breast skin is a clear sign of breast cancer. Do I have any reason to worry?

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Answer by Dr. Pankaj Khater  on Sat 08, May 2010 04:37am:

puckering and dimpling of skin is like scarring of the skin of the breast. but you need not panic as they may be present in mothers who have been breastfeeding for long. for a thorogh check up, please refer to a registered medical professional so thay he can rule out any lump.without a lump, there is no reason to believe that you have something as sinister as breast cancer. for diagnosing breast cancer you need to have a screening with mammography, which is x-rzy of the breast along with fine needle aspiration of the lump if found by the registered practitioner
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Comment by Carolyn on Sun 20, Feb 2011 07:16am:
I have noticed on the outisde (closer to the armpit)of my right breast broad crevices very noticable when I lean forward but when I stand upright they can be easily felt. I have had implants for approx 10 years and they are under the muscle. Could this be anything nasty?? Or just loss of elasticity?

Comment by on Thu 24, Mar 2011 12:16pm:

Comment by on Sun 01, May 2011 12:22am:
Puckering of breast can be due to paget's disease of the breast or breast cancer. Get a mammography done immediately.

Comment by Nissy jacob on Sat 09, Feb 2013 01:34am:
Before and after menstratuion am having sever pain in my both breast.its started from two monthths my left breast l can see one green vein.that side is very worried about t this.what I can do?

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