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Bedoyecta Tri

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 23; apendecides 2 premature pregnancies; Relevant drugs:she isnt taking any at the moment ) on Thu 12, Feb 2009 06:55pm

my wife is 80 pounds 4 feet 11 inches and has had 2 premature pregnancies as a result of her losing an extra 10 pounds after each baby and lack of energy her mother went out and bought her this medicine called Bedoyecta Tri in a injection form its a mexican medicine it contains hidroxocobalamina 10,000 mcg clorhidrato of tiamina (vitamin B1) 100 mg clorhidrato of piridoxina (vitamin B6) vehiculo cbp 2 mL its in spanish sorry hope u can figure it out but my question is what are the side effects this medicine causes and what is the point of the medicine i havent let her take it yet cause im worried it will harm her since they just went out and bought it over the counter her mother says its for energy and weight gain so any insite u guys can give me would be greatly appriciated plz and thank you

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Answer by Dr. Malathesh K  on Fri 13, Feb 2009 03:13am:

Vitamin B complex has all the water-soluble vitamins that dissolve in water. These vitamins are absorbed by the body for vital body functions on a day to day basis and rest of the B vitamins will be excreted as waste materials with the urine. Side effects of B complex vitamins are negligible. Vitamin B1 and B6 when present in high levels can deplete other vitamins of the B group, so it should be wisely consumed. Overdose also show signs of numbness, depression, calcium deficiency, nerve degeneration, fatigue, insomnia, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, skin eruptions, increased dream activity, high blood pressure, severe calcium deficiency, decreased estrogen, osteoporosis, headaches and mood swings. It is dangerous to take any medications without consulting GP. I would suggest you to consult your GP and discuss the possibilities.
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Comment by jhon doe on Tue 01, Dec 2009 03:49pm:
im 21 years of age im 5"7 and weigh 190 pounds im having anxiety problems right now and i was thinking of using the beyodecta tri shots for my health im having vision problems and i was hoping this would help me out... what should i do??

Comment by bernardo on Fri 07, May 2010 01:11am:
i already shot my self about 100 times plus in about three years do to my anemia and i will tell you it is a very good vitimins, side afect nottttttttttttt you need to eat good to over come side efects eat the super food name spinish and mushrooms as well this combo will make you fly.

Comment by Evelyn on Thu 16, Sep 2010 09:52am:
Do Bedoyecta Tri injections cause nausea?

Comment by Dottie on Wed 01, Dec 2010 12:27am:
my mom bought this injection and it doesnt say how much to administer shes 5'1 126lbs .. 56yrs old .. can anyone give me a proper dosage ?

Comment by on Thu 03, Mar 2011 10:38pm:
Watch for side effects of Bedoyecta after starting a cycle of usage, and be careful to only take the recommended dosage of the drug. Side effects and symptoms of overdoses include heart palpitations, numbness, fatigue, high blood pressure and muscle cramps.

Comment by on Wed 23, Mar 2011 02:53am:
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Comment by fredrick manny on Thu 01, Sep 2011 12:27pm:
I am 21 year old about 5'9 i had depression and anxiety attacs since i ws young it faded away but i started lacking on sleep drinking out and it made the pannic attacks come back. I hird of bedogecta i actually drinked the capsukles it was good but thren i took the shoat and it made things wors my fingers started feeling numb, hear palpation rose started feeling dizzy and a very uncomfterball filling as if i ws natuarally high what should i do should i continue taking the shoat or is it just my nerves and anxiety attacks taking over please help.

Comment by jesse on Tue 20, Mar 2012 06:05pm:
how often are you suppose to inject this medication

Comment by gilbert linares on Wed 28, Mar 2012 03:35pm:
I used this product on my cyclists one shot every two weeks. This is back in El Salvador, in the USA not allowed for different reasons. You know what i mean.

Comment by sally on Thu 07, Jun 2012 06:15pm:
Bedoyecta Tri shots are totally safe. the treatment is 2 weeks 10 shots in total. One every other day. there are no bad side effects. this has helped me alot with nerves, stress and sleeping. I take them every 6 months. Just make sure you never take them expired.

Comment by gloria on Tue 05, Nov 2013 05:20am:
i have high blood pressure but work alot feel tired a friend gave me the vitamins to take but am opprehensive dont want side affects like heart palpatations os it safe to take?

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