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Antibiotic Use to cure an STD- wondering if Cephalexin is a valid drug to address Chlamydia

Asked by Unregistered (Male; 35; Generally healthy.; Relevant drugs:N/A ) on Wed 30, Jul 2008 11:22pm

I am wondering if cephalexin is a valid antibiotic to be used to treat chlamydia? I have heard of this drug being used for that purpose. I have not been diagnosed with chlamydia, but have a girl friend who has been. We only had sex intercourse once and it was protected. That was over 4 weeks ago. I currently have no symptoms. I had taken cephalexin very recently for an elbow infection and it worked very well. I had heard this is a good and broad antibiotic (broad in that addresses/ kills many different bacteria). Might it be Ok to take the cephalexin again? Please let me know. Thanks, JT

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Answer by Dr Bhupinder, MD  on Thu 31, Jul 2008 03:38am:

Hi, first of all Chlamydia infections are associated with yellow discharge through urethra after 7-20 days of intercourse; in your case it is quite suggestive that you are not suffering from infection. Moreover, cephalexin is broad spectrum but not good drug for these bacteria, drugs like azithromycin and doxycyline are preferred for treating chlamydia infection. Take care
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Comment by devi on Wed 24, Aug 2011 12:31pm:
A guy i that i was with called said he had chlamydia and that he got treated with a cephalexin injection, can a dephalexin injection cure chlamydia

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